Kermadec Islands kayak trip – Final Update – Nov 19, 2013

Kermadec Trip


Pleased to announce we have one spare slot after one of the six original registrants pulled out due to personal reasons.

If you missed out on registering for the trip in June and still interested, this is your opportunity.

Kermadec Islands kayak trip – Trip plan

Kermadec Islands kayak trip – Original ROI

To register your interest – please fill in the following details :

[contact-form to=’’ subject=’Registrations’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Paddling competency’ type=’select’ options=’Competent paddler – can do self rescue in small swell / fresh wind,Intermediate paddler – can paddle in medium swell and high winds,Advanced paddler – can roll and rescue in rough sea’/][contact-field label=’Yakity Yak Club Membership’ type=’radio’ required=’1′ options=’Current club member,Ex-club member (done 2 day Skills course),Non member – with extensive kayaking experience’/][contact-field label=’Phone No (Mobile or evening contact)’ type=’text’/][/contact-form]

Privacy Statement: The information you provide does not get shared with anyone else and wont be used for any other purpose other than for finding the sixth member of our Kermadec group.

Kermadec Islands kayak trip – Trip plan – Jun 24, 2013

Quick update regarding registration for this trip:

FInal Trip Plan – agreed with DOC and Shipping company

Please note that this is a complex sea based expedition – so the actual dates are subject to changes due to extreme weather / safety parameters – so some degree of flexibility is needed:

1. Pre-trip milestones:

  • Mon Jan 20th 2014 To take the kayak’s to Devonport for spray and quarantine. [ DOC Depot; 6 Fleet Street, Devonport  (adjacent the New World Supermarket). ]
  • Wed Jan 15th 2014: To attend DOC presentation / other expert sessions from the Raoul staff induction program

2. Trip dates:

  • Fri Jan 24th late afternoon: Pick up kayak from Devonport quarantine area and drive to Tauranga. We can have group dinner in Tauranga and sleep in the ship Friday night.
  • Sat Jan 25th: Leave Tauranga [either 8:30AM / 14:35AM]
    • I was hoping we can load the ship on Friday night to catch the 8:30 AM Sat slack water for departure – so that we see Cheeseman and Curtis during sunlight (and possibly kayak around there).
    • The second slack tide on Jan 25th is at 14:35PM – which gets us to Raoul during the early hours of Tuesday morning (and we will miss a stopover at Cheesman and Curtis]
  • Tues Jan 28th (?)-  Sat Feb 1st  (Five days): The group will Kayak / snorkel around Raoul Island (based out of the ship)
  • Wed 29th January & Saturday 1st Feb: Possible shore dates at Raoul Is.
  • Sunday Feb 2nd noon: Load ship and Leave Raoul
  • Monday Feb 3rd morning: 3 hour Stopover at  L’Esperance Rock / quick circumnavigation by kayak. Survey (from the kayak) the damage from storm to the fuel tank / assess any environmental damage and bring back photos
  • Tuesday Feb 4th: Arrive back at port during slack water @ 23:45


Kermadec Islands kayak trip – Registration of interest – Jun 7, 2013

A kayaking and snorkeling trip of a lifetime: Kermadec Islands

If paddling around Kermadec Islands is in your bucket list, here is a great opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on:

I am organising a kayak trip to the Kermadec Islands in January 2014. If you are interested in the trip, please register your interest via Auckland Yakity Yak Club before 1st of Jul 2013.

At a distant of over 1000 km from New Zealand, it is part of NZ’s largest marine reserve. At last here is a chance for us paddlers to experience what mainland coastal New Zealand would have been like prior to the arrival of mammalian predators. There will also be opportunity to do some snorkelling in the Kermadec Marine Reserve.

However, this is not for everyone with the potential isolation of where we are going. Some of the risks you should consider include:
• Remoteness – 2 days away if you need a medical evacuation
• Tsunami (the area has many small active volcanos & tremors)
• Cyclone (we will be doing this trip during cyclone season)
• Galapagos sharks – (though they never known to have attacked humans)

There is also a risk that we might not get to paddle every day during the 5-6 day window (though unlikely). The safe parameter for paddle will be determined on the day in conjunction with the ship’s master by the trip leader based on the ability / fitness of the paddlers and the weather.

However, we have put a lot of thought into planning and consulted with experts and DOC to understand and manage the risks. Now that we have highlighted the risks, here is the general plan:
• We depart from New Zealand on the 25th January 2014 at 8:30 AM.
• We will return on 4th February 2014.

The Kermadec Island is under DOC management. I have been told by DOC to emphasize that the island(s) is a nature reserve – with the highest protection status. We will exercise extreme caution with respect to bio-security and we will be complying with DOC requirements both in the marine reserve (no fishing / no extraction) and in land (pest control / hull inspection etc., no wondering around the island without a DOC escort).

All paddlers need to be New Zealand citizens (or permanent residents) and eligible for ACC cover, and it is compulsory to have insurance to cover repatriation / immediate evacuation. Please note that Raoul is very remote and far away from New Zealand. If you have pre-existing medical condition that the trip leaders need to know about, please state it at the time of registration.

The trip expenses:

$6,000 all inclusive. [$1,000 due now; $5,000 due by end of November]. The only expenses that is not included in the $6k are car share to Tauranga and dinner on the Friday night, DOC permits, repatriation insurance and medical evac insurance]. Please put aside couple of hundred dollars extra to cover these.

07 Jun 2013