Auckland paddle: Tahuna Torea nature reserve

Tahuna Torea

Tahuna Torea nature reserve is a a gorgeous tide assisted paddle up the Tamaki estuary in Auckland:

Tahuna Torea nature reserve has some gorgeous birdlife:

We stopped for a walk along the reserve:

And couple of selfies

I did this with one of the locals that lives off this river, Russell Millar with Yakity Yak Club.

Great easy paddle – especially if you like to take your time looking at the birdlife in the picturesque river lagoon – that nearly became a landfill for toxic waste a few decade ago,

If you like this paddle, also check out the upstream part of the Tamaki River:


NATIONAL KASK FORUM [Fri 4th – Mon 7th Apr]

Based at a stunning location at Anakiwa with beautiful bush and directly on the foreshore of Queen Charlotte Sound. The Outward Bound meals are scrumptious.
Accommodation is in spacious bunkroooms.

Register here

The KASK Forum offers:
– grand opportunities to take part in practical and theoretical sea kayak training
– the sharing of ideas on sea kayak design, equipment and gadgets
– learn about the local area and journey out on exploratory paddles
– attend the KASK AGM with paddle trophy award presentations
– join the paddle out to Mistletoe Bay with an overnight camp-out on the Sunday night
– bring your photos for viewing in the prestigious KASK Photo Competition

Evening speakers include:

  • On Friday night, a series of short 15 minute slide shows are planned showcasing where Kiwi paddlers have been kayaking in the past 12 months
  • Also on Friday night, ‘the paddlers of the Sunday Island’ will be sharing their paddling adventure to the Kermadecs – the challenges, the drama and of course the paddling on the most northern territory of New Zealand!
  • On Saturday night, Paul Caffyn and Conrad Edwards will share photos of their seven big overseas expeditions.
  • Registration from 5 pm on Friday night.

On the water instruction:
Australian paddler David Winkworth, will return again to Anakiwa with brand new instruction sessions, along with John Kirk-Anderson who is co-ordinating the on-the-water instruction program.

Overnight campout at Mistletoe Bay
Paddling distance from Anakiwa to the campsite is a leisurely 8 kms (5 miles). Mistletoe Bay is a sheltered elongate bay at the head of the northerly trending Omahau Bay. We launch from Anakiwa after 1pm on the Sunday, which leaves plenty of time for chatting on the water, and we paddle back to Anakiwa by midmorning Monday.

Register here

Auckland kayak trip: Whenuapai to Riverhead pub paddle

Riverhead Pub paddle

Riverhead pub paddle is one of those magical kayak trips where you can just sit  in your kayak and let the tide take you to the pub and back!

This is second in a series of tide assisted social paddles around Auckland for the laid back evening paddler who wants an easy paddle to a waterside pub / restaurent around Auckland.

Launch point: Whenuapai

Eight of us from Auckland Yakity Yak Club launched from Waimarie Rd boat ramp, Whenuapai.

Riverhead Pub paddle
Whenuapai launch point

High Resolution Video of the trip to Riverhead pub paddle

The video was shot with the just launched Canon EOS 70D and the newly released GoPro Hero 3+ without any post processing on colour / exposure / balance. It just goes down to show how advanced the new senors are at working at low light even in the hand of amateur.

The trip

We started off at 6:00PM with nine paddlers: MikaelaChrisJanet, Luke, Olga, Sandra & Christine, myself and Shaun.

The Pub



NZ kayak trip: Bay of Islands Paddle – Urupukapuka and Cape Brett Hole in the Rock

Bay of Islands


Full HD Video – showing the highlights of the Bay of Islands kayak trip, including circumnavigation of Urupukapuka Island and day trip to Cape Brett Hole in the Rock … 

Circumnavigating Urupukapuka, Bay of Islands

Cape Brett Hole in the Rock


Hole in the Rock

Bay of Islands
Lentils & chickpeas makhani with herbs, fresh capsicum & fresh tomatoes [Photo credit: Uta Machold)

Cable Bay Camp site, Urupukapuka Island

Whatsup Jim?
Jim in very high spirit after the beer stop at Russell

Mine is bigger than yours
Comparing Greenland paddle girth circumferences of paddles

Matt showing off a new method for getting out of his Greenland T kayak without the kayak touching the sand late Sunday evening:


Circumnavigating Urupukapuka with a Greenland Paddle

Auckland kayak trip: Matiatia Bay, Waiheke Island paddle

Matiatia Bay, Waiheke Island kayak trip is an intermediate trip (because of the distance) but very enjoyable paddle; Hugging the coasts of the tiny Browns Island and Motuihe Island and crossing the open water to Waiheke Island for lunch and paddling back.

I did this with Yakity Yak in winter on a really calm and sunny day. This was a non stop paddle to Waiheke, a lunch stop and a non stop paddle back. Only stopping to look at some passing dolphins on the way.

The paddlers

Matiatia Bay

waiheke island paddle Video!!

Full HD Video – mainly of Matiatia Bay … 

For more detailed GPS data, click here.

NZ kayak trip: Matauri Bay and Cavalli Islands Paddle

Matauri Bay is under 4 hours drive North of Auckland, just past Kerikeri and not too far from the Bay of Islands. Known for the resting place for Rainbow Warrior, Matauri Bay and (Cavalli Islands) is perfect for rock gardening lovers who like to explore the area over multiple days from one of the two camp sites (one in the bay, and one in the main Cavalli Island).

Getting there and Setting Camp


Full HD Video – showing the highlights of the trip, including Rock gardening in the swell and couple of rescues … 

Paddlers Setting off through the surf

I did this paddle with Auckland Yakity Yak Club. Here are some of the paddlers on the trip.


Russell being pounded by a breaking wave whilst out of the boat

Deep water rescue #2

Rock Gardening and paddling in Matauri Bay and Cavalli Island

Evening solo paddle

Evening at camp site

Morning at Matauri Bay

Wild Life at Matauri Bay at Sunrise

Day-3: Should we go or should we stay?

Auckland kayak trip: Hobsonville point to Harbour Bridge paddle via Kendall Bay, Chelsea & Little Shoal Bay

Hobsonville point to Harbour Bridge paddle is an excellent beginners paddle that is relaxing and safe with numerous exit points.

Setting off – Catalina Bay


Full HD Video – showing the highlights of the trip, including Waka Ama race we ended up in the middle of !!

Beach Haven

Kauri Point

Chelsea Sugar Factory

Waka Ama Race

Lunch stop at Little Shoal Bay

And return back to Hobsonville point


Auckland kayak trip: Tiritiri Matangi Island, Whangaparaoa

Tiritiri Matangi Island Paddle is a fantastic intermediate Auckland kayak trip, starting at Army Bay, Whangaparaoa Peninsula, past Shakespear Regional Park and circumnavigating the island with a lunch stop in the island. Despite the swell, we did the Kayak Trip and some rock gardening within 5 hours on a lovely day in May.

Army Bay, Whangaparaoa Peninsula – launch point

About 45 mins drive from central Auckland, Army Bay with a slightly surfy Beach, is an easy spot to launch from with good parking facilities (and a fresh water tap!) at the edge of the National Park.

Paddlers on this trip

I did this kayak trip with Auckland Yakitiy Yak Club who I paddle with regularly.


Full HD Video – showing the highlights of the trip, including Rock gardening in the swell !!

The coastline along North East Bay  and all the way down south to Fisherman Bay is pretty spectacular with caves and rocks. With swells over 1.5 m, it was a exhilarating dodging the rocks and boiling water. The above video pretty much sums up the excitement.


Circumnavigating the Island of Tiritiri Matangi

The island is a bird life sanctuary. It has some of NZ’s endangered species and you always spot the birdlife when you are paddling around the coast. It also has a ferry terminal and a lighthouse as well as strategically located gun placements from second world war.

Lunch stop at Tiritiri Matangi Island

With gorgeous sandy beach and the whole island for ourselves, we had a very relaxing lunch on the beach.

The return journey to Army Bay, Whangaparaoa Peninsula

Crossing the channel with a tailwind behind us was easy – we were pretty lucky as the channel can get pretty choppy when there is wind against tide.

Got back in time before rush hour. A fantastic paddle – highly recommended!

If you want the actual GPS and speed data from the trip, checkout this trip in Movescount.