Rock Gardening in Kawhia Harbour

We set off from the western end of Kawhia township on a gorgeous December morning.

We crossed the channel – we could hear (and see!) the pounding of the giant surf on the sand bar a couple of kilo meters away. The surf picture below was taken from the middle of the harbour using a 200 mm Canon telephoto lens from the kayak.

The coastline on the other side looks like any other West coast estuary – but when you get really close to the edge of the water, you start seeing the magic of the limestome sculptures – see video:

Here are more pictures of stunning rock formation

I stopped over at an isolated island full of swans in the middle of the estuary.

View of the 15 paddlers swimming past the little island.

The paddlers

Lunch time at a gorgeous sandy beach

While the group was having lunch I climbed on one of the steep limestone rocks. The view from the top is breath taking:

Crossing the channel and hugging the coast – look at this formation which has been eroded at the hight tide mark – I wonder if it will be standing next time I go there.

Ocean beach is like a typical West coast beach – black sand dunes, native plants and the odd Bar-tailed godwit’s & Dotterels.

We ended the day with some kite flying …

And headed back to the camp …

For some yummy dinner and shared nibbles and chips