Auckland paddle: Tahuna Torea nature reserve

Tahuna Torea

Tahuna Torea nature reserve is a a gorgeous tide assisted paddle up the Tamaki estuary in Auckland:

Tahuna Torea nature reserve has some gorgeous birdlife:

We stopped for a walk along the reserve:

And couple of selfies

I did this with one of the locals that lives off this river, Russell Millar with Yakity Yak Club.

Great easy paddle – especially if you like to take your time looking at the birdlife in the picturesque river lagoon – that nearly became a landfill for toxic waste a few decade ago,

If you like this paddle, also check out the upstream part of the Tamaki River:

NZ kayak trip: Bay of Islands Paddle – Urupukapuka and Cape Brett Hole in the Rock

Bay of Islands


Full HD Video – showing the highlights of the Bay of Islands kayak trip, including circumnavigation of Urupukapuka Island and day trip to Cape Brett Hole in the Rock … 

Circumnavigating Urupukapuka, Bay of Islands

Cape Brett Hole in the Rock


Hole in the Rock

Bay of Islands
Lentils & chickpeas makhani with herbs, fresh capsicum & fresh tomatoes [Photo credit: Uta Machold)

Cable Bay Camp site, Urupukapuka Island

Whatsup Jim?
Jim in very high spirit after the beer stop at Russell

Mine is bigger than yours
Comparing Greenland paddle girth circumferences of paddles

Matt showing off a new method for getting out of his Greenland T kayak without the kayak touching the sand late Sunday evening:


Circumnavigating Urupukapuka with a Greenland Paddle

NZ kayak trip: Matauri Bay and Cavalli Islands Paddle

Matauri Bay is under 4 hours drive North of Auckland, just past Kerikeri and not too far from the Bay of Islands. Known for the resting place for Rainbow Warrior, Matauri Bay and (Cavalli Islands) is perfect for rock gardening lovers who like to explore the area over multiple days from one of the two camp sites (one in the bay, and one in the main Cavalli Island).

Getting there and Setting Camp


Full HD Video – showing the highlights of the trip, including Rock gardening in the swell and couple of rescues … 

Paddlers Setting off through the surf

I did this paddle with Auckland Yakity Yak Club. Here are some of the paddlers on the trip.


Russell being pounded by a breaking wave whilst out of the boat

Deep water rescue #2

Rock Gardening and paddling in Matauri Bay and Cavalli Island

Evening solo paddle

Evening at camp site

Morning at Matauri Bay

Wild Life at Matauri Bay at Sunrise

Day-3: Should we go or should we stay?

Auckland Kayak Trip: Howick to Whitford Paddle

Howick to Whitford Paddle is a really relaxing ‘social paddle’, starting at Eastern Beach, Howick with a lunch stop at Whitford at Amy’s Kitchen. I did this Auckland Kayak Trip on a gorgeous April morning over the Easter holidays.

Eastern Beach, Howick

About twenty mins drive from central Auckland, the Eastern Beach, Howick is an easy spot to launch from with good parking facilities.

Some of the Paddlers

I did this kayak trip with Auckland Yakitiy Yak Club who I paddle with regularly.

Mellons Bay, Howick

Cockle Bay, Howick

Cockle Bay is an easy exit point for emergencies or can form an alternate start location if you want a shorter paddle or can be a meeting point for others joining in.


Full HD Video – showing the highlights of the trip, including exploring of the ‘storm water drain’ in Cockle Bay, ‘sinking house’ and a failed attempt at shortcut through the mangrove !!

Whitford, Howick

Beautiful countryside of Whitford is at the end of the estuary.

Lunch break

Amy’s Kitchen – where we had lunch

Map of Auckland Kayak Trip around Howick